Guarantee Your Writing is Awesome

In the short history of this blog I have mentioned that I do not write poetry very often. When I do write poetry, I hardly share it with anyone, there is no intended audience. When writing for myself, I’m only trying to express something about myself that I have had trouble understanding. It is in those instances, I feel my best work has been done. 

This thought brings to mind a line from the movie ‘Finding Forrester’ where William Forrester, played by Sean Connery, asks, “why is it that the words we write for ourselves are always so much better than the words we write for others?” I’ll take a moment to thank my brother for being an extra in this movie(he is the one that makes the lay-up in the opening scene of the championship game, check it out) because it is a spectacular film, and I probably would not have seen it otherwise.

When writing for the self, there is only one job to do. There is no need to satisfy anybody, no need to monitor the words used, no consideration required on how the work will be received. There is only the self, the moment, and a chance to depict exactly who that self is within that moment. These are the works that give us a glance into the human soul. Is there any greater form of art?


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