You Don’t Need to Go It Alone

There is a disease that infects many people in the world today. It works quietly, eating away at the individual will and severely handicapping the ability to function. It is a disease of the brain that makes us think that we need to be entirely independent. It teaches us that taking any help from other people is a sign that we are weak, pathetic, and hopeless. I have been infected myself, but I am starting to recover.

At some point during education many people are influenced to believe that independence is the premier importance of life. I will not argue that independence is a bad thing, but I will say that it’s importance is terribly inflated or, at least, it’s meaning is terribly misunderstood.

Being independent does not require that you remain entirely separate from others. It does not mean that you don’t take help from other people or that you refuse to offer help because you need to be more focused on yourself. In fact, these two ideas of independence work entirely against human necessities for survival. People need one another. Without other people, we become irrelevant, ineffective, and unimportant. Once you realize this truth, you can begin to take steps towards recovery.

A lack of community is the greatest handicap caused by an erred idea of independence. For myself, the hope for independence led me to avoid new technologies and tools. I saw the negativities of social media(many of which I still hold onto) and used those views as reason to avoid online communities as much as possible. This was a huge mistake.

By shedding the apprehension from online work and avoiding the dangers of internet distraction, one is able to discover the beautiful tool of a world-wide-community. I have been able to make meaningful progressions towards reaching personal goals through websites like and where I can be a part communities that help motivate and support.

A community of like minded people helps you understand that you are not the only one facing the challenges you are up against. It can also introduce you to people who have been successful in attaining goals similar to your own. A community works to give you belief in your ability, show you how you can accomplish your goals, provide some level of accountability, tell you what to avoid, and help motivate you through difficult times.

Of course, finding a community to help you move forward is not the only important factor in helping you do great things. There is still a great deal of work to be done and a lot that only you can do. But, I can assure you, if you find the right community you stand a much greater chance of reaching your goals.


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