Don’t Settle for Satisfied

Don’t feel guilty. Never feel guilty for wanting to play. Never feel ashamed for wanting to have fun. Never be too embarrassed to skip down the street. Skip down the street because it feels harder not to.

Don’t hate work. It is important. But don’t live in it either. Your life shouldn’t work around your job. Have your job get permission from your life to work.

If your life feels broken, fix it. Don’t force it. You would not want to settle for a television, refrigerator, or a bed you were not satisfied with. Why should life be different? Is it refundable? Does it come with a warrantee?

Love your life, not because it’s the one you have, or the one you were given, but because it’s the one you chose. Don’t choose it on suggestion. Don’t hear the suggestion that you should love it more. If you don’t, you don’t. Maybe someone else will.

Don’t settle for satisfied.


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