Disappointing Yourself

People have an unending tendency to underachieve. Yes, there are consistently impressive overachievers, but – let’s be honest – they are the people who have the highest expectations, so even they will disappoint themselves with regularity and probably with the greatest frequency.

You will disappoint yourself. There is no question. At some point in life you will manage to let expectations slip, or just give up too easy. You have done this before(you probably wouldn’t have read this much if you hadn’t). Chances are, it has happened quite recently. What are you going to do about it?

One key difference between the overachievers and those of completely lack-luster accomplishments is the way they react to disappointment and adversity. The reaction can suffocate or motivate. It can lend itself to failure or potential. It inspires stagnancy or activity.

Maybe it seems out of your hands. It can be difficult, after all, to constantly control your emotions. But, once you realize the affect your way of thinking has on your actions you gain more control.

So, good ahead, disappoint yourself, let yourself down, fail miserably, humiliate yourself, be ashamed(one way or the other, you probably should be). Just be aware of why, and don’t let it happen the same way twice. Then, you’re improving.


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