Aside From Being Busy

I post this message right along-side my last… or atop-side? You get my meaning, or perhaps you don’t, but that’s beside the point. A prompt always helps. To escape the clench of the return-home-writers-block I turn to a simple prompt to help me forget what I’m worried about in the many things there are to do. Time always seems a concern, but is always a concern that cannot be controlled, thus, why concern myself with it at all? I often worry about having enough time to do things, even while I foolishly waste time as I know I often do. To return to sanity from these concerns, I’ve found myself often recalling the words of Aldous Huxley during his experimentation portrayed in ‘The Doors of Perception’ when he was asked to reflect upon the concept of time and he answered simply, “there’s plenty of it.”

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