Admitting Achievement

Excessive pride is considered a sin, and is certainly not attractive in an individual, but excessive humility can be just as harmful a trait to possess. An acknowledgement of achievement is an important part of continued progress toward any goal.

As of recent, probably because of the amount I have been studying along with the exhaustion of travel, progress in my language goals has felt difficult to come by and studying has become more stressful. These instances of struggled improvement can be crippling towards the continued effort of reaching ones goals whether they happen to be in language acquisition or otherwise.

Enduring stunted progress is a vital ingredient in accomplishing something great as opposed to doing something mediocre, or just failing entirely. It is too easy to take notice of our short comings and lack of progress. It is natural for someone to be critical of themselves, but it is much easier to appreciate the efforts of others. 

When we see someone else taking on a challenge of learning a new language, an instrument, trying to start a business, we can be impressed by their motivation and willingness to stride towards a difficult achievement. But, when we are the person who is taking on a challenge, it is much easier to be critical and see how little we are progressing. It is always easier to see the good and praise-worthy in someone else.

In order to advance beyond the times of doubt that threaten to derail our efforts, we must be able to acknowledge the small victories. It is many small victories and progressions that draw us closer to achieving something special, and it has been what has kept me on track to achieving some fluency in Japanese. My Japanese is not impressive, I am still very much a beginner. But, I can both speak and understand much more than I could a month ago. Acknowledging this progress, and allowing myself to be just a little proud helps motivate me towards continued progress through the times it seems impossible.

It’s great to hear compliments from others on the progress we have made, but it doesn’t mean much at all unless we are able to give those compliments to ourselves. 


One thought on “Admitting Achievement

  1. I LOVE this post! Thank you for putting it out there – because I think more of us need to stop playing small and take our wins more often. 🙂

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