Don’t Deal With Anger, Understand It

I get angry about how angry people get. I hate how emotional people can be when they feel insulted, how irrational they can become, and the incredible amount of selfishness and greed that is rooted in it all. It makes me angry how so many people think so little. I get angry when I am one of those people.

Anger makes me angry. It is an emotion that accomplishes nothing, yet so many people turn to it and blame others as the cause. People blame others, fight with others, hate others, and label everyone else as the source for all of their problems. But, giving yourself that excuse is a perfect way to make sure none of your problems are ever solved.

We are the cause of our own anger. Even when we are angry about something that somebody else did, our anger is more so a result of not understanding why they acted in such a way. Anger, more than anything, results from a lack of compassion. And, by allowing ourselves to be controlled by this emotion, we create more of it in the people that interact with us. Anger, like many emotions, begets more of the same.

We do not get angry, we become anger. We embody the emotion itself, take it’s form, and spread it like a plague. It won’t go away. It cannot be eradicated. Anger is as much a part of life as the joy and serenity that weigh against it.

Do not try to make it go away, that will only compound it. Instead, embrace it, acknowledge it, explore it, because you are it. The emotions you experience are the emotions we emit into the world. By better understanding what is a part of us, we do more to dictate what we put into the world. Understanding this much has an enormous effect on our relationships with ourselves and with the people around us.

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Thank you kindly,

M.J. Hutchison


2 thoughts on “Don’t Deal With Anger, Understand It

  1. I completely agree, we can’t full understand ourselves until we come to terms with every side of our self. Great post, thanks for sharing! Please check out my blog for relevant posts.

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