Matthew James Hutchison is an American-born infant traveller, still only two years into his vagabonding lifestyle. In this brief time his travels have taken him to Taiwan, France, England, Spain, Belgium, and(currently) Japan.

His love for travel and discovery is grouped with his work in languages(teaching and learning) and his passion for the written word(reading and writing). The difficult reality facing those hoping to make a living through writing has helped him embrace the idea that there is no end point in sight and everything is ultimately just a part of the process. He believes success can be found by linking ones passions with the present process and allowing this infusion to guide action.

He intends this blog to function in harmony with that mantra, it is simply a part of the process. His objectives are to build and strengthen connections through this medium, both with individuals of like-minded interests and otherwise, and aid professional development in the process.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the process, have a question or concern, or just have an idea to share, feel free to comment, follow, or go all out and do both. If you would like to make a more direct, personal connecting with Matthew you can contact him at his e-mail: mhutch111@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to the process with you.

Peace be the Journey


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